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Salzburg Forum Vision 2020

In 2010 the Salzburg Forum Member States celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Salzburg Forum and used the occasion to plan the future of this successful regional security partnership. While the original objective of the Salzburg Forum was to strengthen regional cooperation in the field of internal security and to support the Salzburg Forum partners in their preparations for the accession to the EU, the focus of cooperation had shifted by 2010 with all founding members of the Salzburg Forum also being EU Member States.

It was against this backdrop that the “Salzburg Forum Vision 2020” was adopted as a roadmap for the cooperation of the Salzburg Forum in the next ten years. The Salzburg Forum Vision 2020 sets out three levels of cooperation:

  1. Cooperation and Lobbying within the EU
    e.g. during EU presidencies of a SF member state, cooperation concerning the future development of the JHA area
  2. Regional Cooperation
    e.g. police cooperation centres, operational expert meetings and working groups (e.g. on witness protection, traffic safety)
  3. Cooperation with Third Countries
    e.g. cooperation with countries of origin in the fight against illegal migration

Salzburg Forum Vision 2020 ( 44 kB).