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Salzburg Forum Agenda 2030

The Salzburg Forum Agenda 2030 was adopted during the Ministerial Conference in Prague in June 2021, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the first Salzburg Forum Joint Declaration in 2001.

The Agenda 2030 provides a review of the development of the Salzburg Forum since its foundation, and an evaluation of the Salzburg Forum cooperation with regard to the goals of the Salzburg Forum Vision 2020.

The focus of the Agenda 2030 is on:

  • Increased cooperation of the Salzburg Forum Member States at EU level
  • Regional cooperation in the Salzburg Forum area and
  • Cooperation of the Salzburg Forum with third countries.

The goal is to turn the Salzburg Forum into a model region for Central and Southeastern Europe.

Salzburg Forum activities include ministerial conferences, police chief meetings, expert meetings, coordination prior to EU meetings, etc.

The implementation of the Agenda 2030 started with the Hungarian Salzburg Forum Chairmanship (July - December 2021). An evaluation of progress is planned for 2026.

Agenda 2030 ( 389 kB)